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We can smog test all vehicles. New smog testing technology and the old BAR 97 Dyno smog checks. We can even do RVs, Trucks and Diesels.

Registration Services and Smog Tests

We offer Registration Services! Pick up your tags, pay your fees, get a license plate, or just get a Smog Check.

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Bring in our Smog Test Coupon, Check-in on Yelp, or use your phone. We offer quality service, and great smog test prices!

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Stanislaus Smog 2, Inc.

3531 Carver Rd, Modesto, California 95350, United States

(209) 526-7004


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Tips to help you pass your smog test

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Why choose Stanislaus Smog 2?

Nobody enjoys getting a smog. We'd like to help you prepare yourself to pass!  We're a Test Only Smog Station, that means we don't do repairs and we have no incentive for failing you. You can trust our inspection. We WANT you to pass!

Here's what you can do:


  • Drive your vehicle for at least 20 minutes prior to arriving at Stanislaus Smog 2, smog check station. Vehicles have a computer which monitors the emissions system. If the vehicle is not driven X amount prior to resetting the codes, replacing a battery, jump starting a vehicle, etc. the codes are lost and the computer will not pass an inspection. As California continues to change its smog requirements, these restrictions become more and more difficult to prepare for.

  • Tire inflation - ensure your tires and evenly inflated for best results on the testing equipment. This is mostly for vehicle smogs on 1999 and older cars.

  • Change the oil - Vehicle maintenance is important to maintain proper emission expulsion.

  • Make sure the Check Engine light is not illuminated. If it's on, the vehicle  needs to be taken to a mechanic to fix the problem first. Don't forget  step 1! If the mechanic resets your monitors to reset your error code,  he probably erased you vehicles data with it. Monitors won't be ready! A constantly illuminated Check Engine light is an automatic smog test failure. Make sure you drive the vehicle X amount (50-100 miles approximately) so your monitors have the necessary data.

  • You've prepared yourself and your vehicle. We are looking forward to seeing you for your Smog Test and Registration Services. Print our coupon, then head over for a smog check. You're ready!

Thank you for choosing Stanislaus Smog 2!